Tuesday, January 17, 2012

karlie kloss and free people i love.

I know I said I would try to post every single day, but this past week was ROUGHHHHHH.

anyway, I know i'm a bit late with these pictures, but I didn't have any time til now.

p.s. I LOVE KARLIE KLOSS AND FREE PEOPLE and I am pretty much foaming at the mouth looking at fp's new lookbook. I DIE. A MILLION TIMES I DIE.


these are just a few that i love and i know that they're cut off, but i'm trying to figure out how to post pictures without using the photo uploader... i'm a noob. oh well. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

sicky icky ick.

ho man. i am feeling really icky. i missed the gym today and I NEVER miss the gym. Anyway, I wasn't going to post at all this week because 1. I think I may have the flu that my dad had last week, 2. I have a huge exam on sat that I'm really nervous about.

since i have a bunch of photos that i never posted.... i shall share them during the week so I don't break my new year's resolution--already haha.

so these pics were taken at peddler's village (quite possibly the best place on earth) during the APPLE FESTIVAL! APPLES ARE MY FAVORITEEEEEEE. We had a bunch of goodies and snackies like some BOMPING soft pretzels. I really want to go back.

Anyway, I am freezing one second and then sweating the next. So I shall leave you with some pics.

this was before we got engaged. it was a really great day. :)

wearing: american apparel plaid chiffon button down, hot orange hm cropped sweater, hm leather jacket, forever21 faux fur vest, forever21 skinny jeans. glasses: rayban foldable wayfarer turned into real glasses.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

"new year, new me" ugh.

hello blogging world :)

haha, yes yes. i haven't posted in A LONG TIME.... this, i know. I wonder if people even stop to look at this thing anymore haha.

SO! THIS IS A NEW YEAR! WHICH MEANS A NEW ME RIGHT?! HAHA.. hell to the no. I hate all that new years resolution crap. BUT... who am I kidding. I definitely did make new year's resolutions, but I'm just not calling it that :) I just have three things I really wanna work on.

What I want to change in the new year:

1. I really want to start blogging more for myself. At least once a day I hope. I will be starting student teaching on January 18th and a part of our grade has to do with our appearance so I will definitely be dressing up every day for school :) YAY! I'm so excited for this. Ms. Frizzle from the magic school bus books is my role model in life so I am hoping I can take some of her fashion sense and incorporate it into my daily outfits for student teaching. haha i am so lame i can't even take it.

2. I want to live a happier life inside and out. After looking at pictures of what my intestines probably look like on google (I google imaged ulcerative colitis and almost barfed), I have decided to go almost full vegan. I don't wanna label myself as a vegan or anything because it's not because I don't WANT to eat meat or dairy.... it's because my body (most times) physically rejects the stuff. I will still drink a cup of kefir every morning and probably eat greek yogurt until I die so I can never be a full vegan. And I know that a lot people are like "oh vegans are lame because they're all hipsters and lalalallalalaaaaaaa" but sometimes people have no choice and you should give it a rest because I really wish I could bite into a juicy burger or have a thick milkshake without having bloody diarrhea or vomiting all night into the morning (TMI?). ANYWAY, so this will be the full year of me trying to take care of my body better. I promise you stomach that I will NOT let you down. and plus, i'm afraid of getting surgery :)

3. I want to make the most of living at home. I'll be getting married on November 3, 2012 (!!!!) so this will be the last year I live with my parents. Although they drive me up a wall every day, I want to show them that I AM thankful for letting me live here and mooch off of them for so long haha.

ANYWAY, enough chitterchatttttttttttttttah. here are some recent pics. :) MORE TO COME THIS YEAR I PROMISE.

I'm just gonna start off by showing some of our engagement pictures taken by the lovely Bora Yom who is a great friend of ours and I am so thankful to her because our pictures are AWESOME. Anyway, it's almost 4am and I need to wake up for kickboxing and pilates so I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

holy moles!

holy moles! it's already almost november and i haven't updated this baby in a long long time. i've been up to nothing special. just dying to finish up school, living at the gym, eating whatever i please, working and observing at schools, and blah blah blah. okay so this post shall be picture HEAVY due to the lack of posting for two months. heh heh.


now it's time for ONCE UPON A TIME!! love that show ahahah.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

new york, ny.

whoaaa. i've been so busy lately that i haven't had any time to update this little thing. anyway-- exciting news! i'm going to nyc tomorrow with my mans! ahhah this is probably the most exciting thing i've done in awhile... so i hope it's really funnnn.


i hope to run into this girl one day. please let it be this weekend (HA!)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


warning: this post is a bit on the majorly depressing side. sorry.

i am so completely and utterly frustrated with life right now. i'm 24 and i'm swimming in a never ending ocean of debt, can't even afford to buy my own food, and i cry when i see things online that i want and know that i can never have. sometimes i wish i had parents that could support me financially, but then i think about so many spoiled people i know and i regret that wish immediately.

it's just that... i've been saying this for the past like almost three years ever since i graduated college. can't somebody just throw me a freaking bone once in awhile? does life always have to be this hard and frustrating? can't i have a little break between the hard times every now and then?

i've been so angry and monstrous lately... it's getting out of control. i have to work out everyday to control my anger and even exercising doesn't calm my mind and heart. i've been memorizing bible verses and every time i feel like my anger is going to be unleashed, i quickly say the words to calm myself. it has been working so far. :)

sometimes i just want to quit everything and everyone and move on. move on to a place where i am free to do as i please. honestly, that place doesn't exist on earth. so, i just gotta work hard at it until i make it to heaven.